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Finnish translation of 4.0 published

We are thrilled to announce our first official translation of 4.0, into Finnish. Congratulations to the CC Finland team, who have done an outstanding job. The translation team consisted of Maria Rehbinder of Aalto University, legal counsel and license translation coordinator of CC Finland; Martin von Willebrand, Attorney-at-Law and Partner, HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law Ltd: for […]

Representing the Public Domain at the EU Observatory on Infringements of IPR

Last week Communia joined the “European Observatory on Infringements of IPR” which is hosted by the European Union’s Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). The Observatory’s task is to provide the EU Commission with insights on every aspect of IPR infringement. It does so primarily by conducting surveys and studies on how, where […]

CCANZ November newsletter

Creative Commons NZ news The University of Canterbury has instituted mandatory deposit of academic research. Lincoln University has passed a wide-ranging Open Access policy. Kiwi author Thomasin Sleigh has published her novel Ad Lib under CC. Latest from NZCommons There are heaps of new articles over at! Learn about the Open Government Partnership, CC and the courts, and why Open Access is […]

Przegląd linków CC #156

Otwarta edukacja 1. David Willey analizuje wyniki świetnego raportu z badań Babson na temat otwartych zasobów edukacyjnych na uczelniach wyższych w USA. Jeśli nie macie czasu na cały raport zajrzyjcie chociaż do jego wpisu, w którym pokazuje jak te wyniki pokazują jak otwarte zasoby edukacyjne muszą się rozwijać (ogromna ilość osób zaintresowanych korzystaniem z nich) i jak będą zapewne nadal […]

Te Papa’s openly licensed images

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa has now made nearly forty thousand images freely downloadable from its Collections Online digital database, giving the public access to the highest-resolution images it can and opening the way for creative reuse. Around twenty thousand of these images are ‘No Known Copyright’ but upwards of seventeen thousand […]

The Voyager Golden Record

“Voyager Golden Record Cover Explanation” by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons The Voyager Spacecrafts are carrying with them sounds of the earth, of our civilization, recorded on a 12″ gold plated copper disc, a golden record, along with instructions for how to play them. […]

Apple Updates — A Comic

Ever been utterly frustrated, made furious, by an Apple upgrade that made things worse?  This post is for you.  (With apologies to Randall Munroe.)        

CC in a world of worthy causes

Creative Commons wasn’t done after we created our first license suite, or even after hundreds of millions of licensed works were shared. The web is changing — and so are the ways we get, share, and use content — so we’re trying new things. One new idea is our mobile app, The List, supported by a prototype […]

Europe’s cultural heritage institutions deserve better

For those of us looking forward to copyright rules that enable European cultural heritage institutions to provide online access to their collections, two important things happened last week: on Wednesday 29th October, the Orphan Works directive (OW directive) came into force and on Saturday 1st November, the new European Commission headed by Jean-Claude Juncker assumed office. The first event […]

CC Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting Held in Seoul

CCKorea / CC BY Representatives from CC affiliates in Asia and the Pacific were once again hosted by CC Korea for the CC Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting this year. Asia-Pacific CC affiliates have a regular face-to-face meeting every two years to share their experience and know-how, to discuss common issues, and to seek opportunities for collaboration. […]

Announcing the editorial board for NZCommons

Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ is delighted to announce the founding members of the editorial board of NZCommons: Andy Neale — DigitalNZRichard White — University of OtagoTim McNamara — Science communicationAnton Angelo — University of CanterburyPhilothea Flynn — Heritage and rightsShane Cummings — APNNigel Robertson — University of WaikatoJo Wheway — Maraetai Beach SchoolKaraitiana Taiuru — […]


We can use NLTK’s support for WordNet to help generate and classify text. from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn from nltk.corpus import sentiwordnet as swn def make_synset(word, category='n', number='01'): """Conveniently make a synset""" number = int(number) return wn.synset('%s.%s.%02i' % (word,…Read more ›

12/12 鬥陣來嘻嘻趴踢

12/12週五夜, 一群支持自由文化的音樂人,相約在河岸流言,打算舉辦場久違的CC party。是的,這是場售票活動。創用CC授權的提出,本來就不排斥商業行為,它推展的是自由文化,而不是免費文化。歡迎大家線上預購,鬥陣來參加這場嘻嘻趴踢。 線上預購: 大河岸官網: 2014-11-05T03:15:56Z emyleo


今年台灣創用CC計畫著力於影音創作領域的推廣,展開一系列的活動。除了創用CC影展座談會、線上影展特別企劃,另外,在10月18日及19日的週末下午, 分別舉行了「拼貼電影──當紙膠帶遇見電影」及「紀錄片《網路之子》協力翻譯工坊」,期待透過創作活動和協力翻譯,帶大家體會創用CC的自由文化精神,以 及它代表的「混搭、分享、再利用」概念。 10 月 18 日我們榮幸邀請到拼貼藝術家吳芊頤老師,現場為大家演繹示範如何利用紙膠帶和色紙的顏色色塊堆疊及視覺手法,對照原圖,拼貼出一幅唯妙唯肖又有個人創意的再創作作品。 2014-11-04T07:49:51Z vilyak

開源並嵌入CC授權選項的多媒體分享平台 - MediaGoblin

MediaGoblin 是一套可由使用者自行架設的多媒體分享平台,使用者自行架設專案平台之後,能於其上存放照片、影像、音訊、文件,甚至是 3D 設計的 stl 檔案格式,並提供完整的創用CC 授權及其他公眾授權方式的設置選項。由於其開放源碼之故,使用者可以查看軟體本身的程式源碼,只要具有該領域的軟體撰寫能力,後續便可以依己意自由地修改及客製化想要的功能,非常適合推薦給具備基礎 Linux 系統操作知識,且對多媒體分享平台有自主化需求的使用者來安裝運用。 2014-11-04T02:15:09Z ally

Leicester City Council gives permission to 84 schools to create and share OER

Leicester City Council / CC BY 4.0 Leicester City Council is the first local government authority in the United Kingdom (UK) to provide 84 community schools with blanket permission to openly license their educational resources. The council is recommending that school staff use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to share materials created in […]


程式語言往往被看成冷冰冰、沒有生命力的,但是透過Processing,就可以將程式語言轉化為藝術品,工程師也能身兼藝術家;透過OpenProcessing,則可以讓這些「程式語言藝術家」在分享與互動的過程中,更能善用processing創造出多元、突破自我的作品。 Processing是奠基於JAVA的開放源碼程式語言,由麻省理工學院媒體實驗室的Casey Reas和Ben Fry所開發。它以視覺化的方式呈現學習者撰寫的電腦程式,在影音、動畫、互動領域裡都算是容易上手的介面,透過剪貼和複製就能完成有趣的程式、畫出具創造力的圖像。OpenProcessing.org則是一個協力合作的社群平台,讓Processing的開發者和藝術家能上傳、分享、瀏覽、評論與研究彼此的互動繪圖和程式原始碼。 2014-11-03T02:52:36Z dkoooh

New policy paper on the re-use of public sector information in cultural heritage institutions

In 2013 the European Union enacted Directive 2013/37/EU amending Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information (PSI). The 2013 directive is an important pillar of the European Union’s open data strategy. It establishes the general principle that public sector bodies’ available information shall be reusable in accordance with a number of conditions, such […]