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Otwarta edukacja 1. Min. Edukacji Narodowej opublikowało już wszystkie cztery części Naszego Elementarza (w większości na wolnej licencji), a przy okazji wypuściło generator kart pracy dla nauczycieli, który ma uzupełniać Elementarz. Wg. deklaracji MEN na Twitterze Generator ma być dostępny jako otwarte oprogramowanie, a dostępne w nim elementy do tworzenia kart pracy na wolnej licencji podobnie do samego […]

2,6 millones de imágenes del dominio público, disponibles para descargar y usar

Por años, las bibliotecas han estado digitalizando sus colecciones, como una manera de facilitar el acceso del público a la cultura. Preocupados particularmente por el texto, normalmente resultaba muy difícil rastrear las ilustraciones y fotografías presentes en esos trabajos. Kalev Leetaru ha decidido enmendar esta situación y para ello programó su propio software, que le […]

MapWorks Learning combines OER and open data to protect threatened biodiversity

Mangrove forests have been described by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the world’s most threatened tropical ecosystems. In an effort to protect and raise awareness around this problem, MapWorks Learning launched the first of what they plan to make an annual Mapathon for ecological preservation and learning. The inaugural event engaged schools, universities, […]


七月初時,Creative Commons以及其他35個組織共同發表了一份公開聲明,希望促使跨太平洋夥伴協定(Trans-Pacific Partnership,TPP)的談判者撤回在現有著作權保護期間上再延長20年的提案。 在同一星期,12個環太平洋的國家於加拿大渥太華會面持續廣受詬病的TPP貿易協定的秘密談判。基於TRIPS協定,所有簽署者都被要求必須制定法律給予個人著作權保護期間為著作人之生存期間及其死後50年。然而,在許多大型持有版權的公司影響下,TPP的談判者卻提議希望在TRIPS的要求期間上再增加20年的著作權期間。 2014-08-28T11:54:22Z sunlight

The 2nd OER Summer Camp on Luxi Island of CC China Mainland

The following is a guest post by LIUPing, members of the CC China Mainland Affiliate team and the School of Open community. Below is a description of the 2nd CC China Mainland open educational resources (OER) summer camp (30th June to 8th July 2014) for the children of Luxi Island, a remote island off the […]

2014 Creative Commons Korea International Conference

2014 Creative Commons Korea International Conference Now is the age of sharing. The whole globe is connected, even things are connected now. The power of sharing and connectivity that techology carries is making the world a better place. Here, CCKOREA International Conference invites you to have fresh inspirations from people whose efforts are bringing positive changes to the world through technology. Date & Time: September 16th (Tuesday), 2014 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Venue : Ferrum Hall @ Ferrum Tower 3F (Junggu Suhadong, Seoul) Fee: 50,000 KRW (free for CC KOREA supporters) Hosted by CC KOREA     Speakers Wonsoon Park Mayor of Seoul Former Executive Director at Hope Institute Since Seoul announced “Sharing City,” many eyes are on this metropolis. Park will share the philosophical meaning and the achievements of “Sharing City” project. Jay Yoon Partner at Shin & Kim Project Lead of Creative Commons Korea Member of Board of Directors of Creative Commons Yoon launched Creative Commons License in Korea 10 years ago. Since then, he has participated in information sharing movement area such as intellectual property right and Internet governance. Ryan Merkley Creative Commons CEO Former CSO of Mozilla Foundation Merkley operated multiple open source projects in Mozilla Foundation. From 2014, he joined Creative Commons as CEO. He has been an active enthusiast of open movement in areas such as Open Government and open source. Hal Seki Lead of Code for Japan Certified Developer by Ushahidi Seki is a civic hacker from Japan. He is the leader of 420 developers who are creating web and mobile application services for Tsunami and nuclear disaster victims. Helene Hahn Open Knowledge Foundation Germany Project Manager of Coding Da Vinci Project Coding da Vinci is the first German open cultural data hackathon that brings together both cultural heritage institutions and the hacker & designer community to develop ideas and prototypes for the cultural sector and the public. All 17 developed projects run on open cultural data opened up by various cultural heritage institutions around Germany. Todd Porter Co-founder of FabCafe Global A graduate of Stanford Business School, Todd is based in Tokyo and a co-founder of projects such as TEDxTokyo, IMPACT Foundation Japan and FabCafe Global, a new platform supporting the spread of the Maker Movement, which started in Tokyo and quickly expanded to cities such as Taipei and Barcelona. Kyungmin Kim Professor at Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies Kim completed his Ph.D at Harvard University. As a professor at Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies, he studies commercial real estate market analysis and urban computing. His recent interest is social entrepreneurship and activation of sharing movement. Molly Turner Director of Public Policy and Civic Partnership at Airbnb Turner holds a Master in Urban Planning from Harvard University. Before Airbnb, Molly consulted with governments on sustainable tourism development and conducted research with the UNESCO World Heritage Center. She currently serves on the boards of SPUR and Tumml. At Airbnb she manages public-private partnerships with various municipal government agencies, non-profits, and tourism bureaus. She also researches on social, economic and environmental impacts of home sharing. SCHEDULE 일정 소주제 제목 강연자 09:30~10:00 Registration Registration 10:00~10:10 Welcome Jeongwook Seo / CCKOREA Director of Board 10:10~10:40 "Creativity and Sharing" [Keynote] "Share Everything" Ryan Merkley / CEO of Creative Commons 10:45~11:05 “Recreated Culture and Art of the Past” Helene Hahn / OKFN 11:10~11:30 "Joyful digital playground: Maker Space" Todd Porter/ Co-founder FabCafe Global 11:35~11:55 "Infinite Power of Creativity" Jeongho Yeo / Korea Copyright Commission 11:55 ~ 1:20 Lunch 1:20 ~ 1:50 "Sharing City" [Keynote] “Designing City as Sharing Platform" Kyung Min Kim / Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University 1:55 ~ 2:15 Share Hub ”Drawing the NEXT CIty with Sharing” Nanshil Kwon / CCKOREA 2:20 ~ 2:50 "The Sharing Economy and Its Impact on the Future of Cities" Molly Turner / Director of Public Policy and Civic Partnership at Airbnb 2:50 ~ 3:10 Break Time 3:10 ~ 3:40 "Civic Hacking" [Keynote] "Connect Everyhing" Jay Yoon / Project lead of Creative Commons Korea 3:45 ~ 16:15 Code for Japan ”420 Techies for Namie” Hal Seki / Code for Japan 4:20 ~ 4:40 "The Convergence of Art and Technology, public data" Sey Min / Randomwalks 4:45 ~ 5:05 “Hacking the City with Technology” Seunghun Jang / Codenamu 5:05 ~ 5:15 Intermission 5:15 ~ 5:45 Discussion "Design Tomorrow with Sharing and Cooperation" Jay Yoon, Wonsoon Park 5:45 ~ 6:00 Closing 2014-08-27T02:30:42Z cc

CC Salon in San Francisco: Public Domain FTW!

Source photo: Philipp Henzler, CC0 RSVP on EventbriteRSVP on Facebook September 9, 20146:30 – 8:30 PM Pacific timeGeneral Assembly, 501 Folsom St (1st and Folsom)San Francisco, CA 94105Public Transportation: Close to Embarcadero BART, Montgomery BART, or San Francisco Caltrain Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and General Assembly are excited to announce an salon on Tuesday, […]

Im September: Lizenztextlesung und OERde14

Zwei Veranstaltungen werfen ihre Schatten voraus: Am 2. September findet in den Räumen von Wikimedia in Berlin die erste “CC Lizenztextlesung” überhaupt statt. Organisiert wird sie maßgeblich durch Jöran Muuß-Merholz für pb21 und nähere Informationen gibt es hier. Interesse bekunden/zusagen kann man schon jetzt, und zwar über facebook oder Google+. Am 12. und 13. September schließt sich [...]

Open Coursebook in Intellectual Property

Duke’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain is announcing the publication of Intellectual Property: Law & the Information Society—Cases and Materials by James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins. This book, the first in a series of Duke Open Coursebooks, is available for free download under a Creative Commons license. It can also be purchased [...]

Otwarte licencje w projekcie – jak je efektywnie zastosować? cz. 1

W skrócie (jeśli nie masz czasu przeczytać całego tekstu) - co raz więcej programów grantowych punktuje wyżej projekty, które publikują w otwarty sposób swoje rezultaty lub wręcz wymagają takiej publikacji, - aby spełnić te wymogi sprawdź na jakiej licencji jesteś zobowiązany publikować swoje zasoby i dostosuj do niej zapisy prawno-autorskie w umowach w swojej organizacji, - jeśli masz wybór […]

Wiki Loves Monuments: bringing open to Pakistan

Faisal Maseet / Khalid Mahmood / CC BY-SA Wiki Loves Monuments is one of the most successful free culture events worldwide. A global photo competition organized by local Wikimedia chapters and groups, it has been running since 2010 and has grown larger each year. For 2014, we speak to Saqib Qayyum from Wikimedia Pakistan about […]

A new course on Open Research at the School of Open

The following is a guest post by Beck Pitt, researcher at the Open University’s OER Research Hub. We are collaborating with Beck and her team to investigate attitudes towards sharing educational resources online and the impact of School of Open courses. Are you curious about what it means to research openly and what benefits it […]

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Otwarta edukacja 1. W piątek rządowy, darmowy i częściowo otwarty Nasz Elementarz miał trafić do szkół. Pani Minister nazwała go najbardziej przedyskutowanym podręcznikiem świata, cieszymy się, podręczniki powinny być ważnym elementem debaty publicznej. Z naszej strony możemy zagwarantować, że będziemy dalej podnosić ważny wątek skutecznego tworzenia i wspierania otwartych zasobów edukacyjnych ze środków publicznych. 2. Marcin Polak w serwisie EduNews […]

Announcing the Institute for Open Leadership Fellows

Creative Commons and the Open Policy Network are pleased to announce the first round of fellows for the Institute for Open Leadership. The Institute is a training program to develop new leaders in education, science, public policy, and other fields on the values and implementation of openness in licensing, policies, and practices. We received over […]

Otwarty dostęp do kultury we Francji

Cyfrowa jesień Oficjalnie, wszystko zaczęło się 7 listopada 2013 roku – tego dnia francuska ministra kultury i komunikacji, Aurélie Filippetti, ogłosiła uruchomienie rządowego programu l’Automne numérique (dos. cyfrowa jesień), poświęconego edukacji cyfrowej i artystycznej oraz e-demokratyzacji kultury. Ministra Filippetti, w krótkim video obwieszczającym otwarcie programu, mówi o związku cyfryzacji i kultury, wadze innowacji w tym sektorze i przyszłości młodych. Zwraca się bezpośrednio […]

Agoric Aesthetics & Philosophy

Agorizing aesthetics and philosophy means producing them using market pricing mechanisms. The model for this is the market-based software of agoric computing. The advantage of such a system is that it incentivises both production and efficiency. By internalizing market forces,…Read more ›

Examining deficiencies of and limitations on data sharing

Whether patients, or part of traffic, or exercising or simply walking with one of the behavioral trackers du jour, we are constantly giving data about ourselves and our surroundings to data collecters with few returns. From privacy regulations to bureaucratic barriers to collecting and locking up information just in case it might create monetary value […]

Τα ανοιχτής πρόσβασης επιστημονικά περιοδικά κερδίζουν περισσότερη επισκεψιμότητα και αναφορές

Τα επιστημονικά άρθρα που έχουν ανοιχτή πρόσβαση διαβάζονται και αναφέρονται πιο συχνά από ό, τι τα άρθρα που είναι διαθέσιμα μόνο σε συνδρομητές. Το  Research Information Network ανέλυσε την ηλεκτρονική επισκεψιμότητα σε περισσότερα από 700 άρθρα που δημοσιεύονται στο επιστημονικό περιοδικό Nature Communications κατά τους πρώτους έξι μήνες του 2013. Η Επιτροπή διαπίστωσε ότι, μετά από 180 ημέρες, τα άρθρα Continue Reading

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Otwarta edukacja 1. Boundless staje się powoli synonimem komercyjnego sukcesu otwartych zasobów edukacyjnych, niewątpliwie zajęli się rynkiem o wyjątkowo wysokich cenach, który o lat szukał alternatyw dla drogich podręczników. Boundless potrafi jednak również świetnie tłumaczyć jak i dlaczego działają oraz na czym polega problem, który jako firma starają się rozwiązać zarabiając równocześnie. 2. Wikipedia i edukacja, czyli relacja z tegorocznej […]