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(依姓氏筆畫)李佳樺政治大學新聞系。很高興能成為「2014台灣創用CC計畫」的實習生,希望能藉由和不同專業背景的同學合作,嘗試各式型態的工作,獲得更多元的觀點和經驗。最初是在課堂上認識了創用CC授權的概念,因而開始對此議題產生興趣,期待能從這項計畫中認識公眾授權,並提升實質的策展、企劃能力。閱讀全文 2014-07-25T11:25:02Z guest


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所謂的公眾出資成果(publicly-funded)指得是,政府運用人民納稅之金錢而進行的研究、分析等產出的成果,例如,給予大學教授研究經費,而教授們的學術研究成果即屬之。從邏輯上而言,公眾出資研究成果這類的資源應該要提供給大眾,然而,事實上這卻不是一般常見的狀況。實際上,在大眾被授權接近這些素材前通常他們需要支付多次費用。以學術期刊之發表為例,許多大學的學者接受政府的資助來開展他們的學術研究,而這些資助實則由納稅人買單,當學者完成研究並將他們發表在營利性期刊上,這些期刊雜誌業者便借由收取訂閱費用的方式回頭銷售使用接觸的管道給各大學。顯而易見的,大多人皆會認為這並非一種對大眾的投資最有效率的使用方式。這是因為這些業者希望他們的商業利益能夠永遠維持並保持其商業模式。然而,不論從邏輯上,甚至道德觀點而言,大眾都應該要有機會接近經由其納稅的錢所資助而得之研究成果。閱讀全文 2014-07-25T07:40:50Z sunlight

Ethereum – Art Market

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Here is a contract that allows you to register as the owner of a digital artwork contained in a particular file (identified by its cryptographic hash value) at a particular URL. The use of a URL is inspired by the…Read more ›

EU Kommissionen anbefaler Creative Commons licenser til offentlige data

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I sidste uge udsendte EU Kommissionen en række guidelines for udgivelse og genanvendelse af offentlige data og information i Europa. Blandt disse anbefalinger opfordres der eksplicit til at medlemsstaterne bør anvende standardiserede åbne licenser såsom Creative Commons-værktøjerne. Således skriver de:

“Several licences that comply with the principles of ‘openness’ described by the Open Knowledge Foundation to promote unrestricted re-use of online content, are available on the web. They have been translated into many languages, centrally updated and already used extensively worldwide. Open standard licences, for example the most recent Creative Commons (CC) licences (version 4.0), could allow the re-use of PSI without the need to develop and update custom-made licences at national or sub-national level. Of these, the CC0 public domain dedication is of particular interest. As a legal tool that allows waiving copyright and database rights on PSI, it ensures full flexibility for re-users and reduces the complications associated with handling numerous licences, with possibly conflicting provisions.”

Læs mere i denne blog post fra Creative Commons’ internationale blog.

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Macaulay on Copyright

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Macaulay’s 1841 speech to the House of Commons on copyright law is often cited and not much read.  In fact, the phrase “cite unseen” gains a new meaning.  That is a shame, because it is masterful.  (And funny.) One fascinating moment?  When Macaulay warns that copyright maximalism will lead to a future of rampant illegality, [...]

Проект змін до ЦК України від Creative Commons Ukraine

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За авторством Токаря Сергія Глава 75 РОЗПОРЯДЖАННЯ МАЙНОВИМИ ПРАВАМИ ІНТЕЛЕКТУАЛЬНОЇ ВЛАСНОСТІ Стаття 1107. Види договорів щодо розпоряджання майновими правами інтелектуальної власності 1. Розпоряджання майновими правами інтелектуальної власності здійснюється на підставі таких договорів: 1) ліцензія на використання об’єкта права інтелектуальної власності; 2) ліцензійний договір; 3) договір про створення за замовленням і використання об’єкта права інтелектуальної власності; 4) договір [...] 2014-07-24T18:37:22Z 2014-07-24T18:11:13Z irynak

Letter to Department of Education on Open Educational Resources As a Priority for Its Discretionary Grant Programs

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Today, Creative Commons and Creative Commons U.S.A. are sending a letter to Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan supporting the Department of Education's (DOE) adoption of the Hewlett Foundation's definition of Open Educational Resources, and asking the Department to require open licenses for works funded by its grants. The full letter is available here. An excerpt follows:

Ethereum – Art Is…

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Here is a contract that allows anyone to define what art is. It contains a single set of twelve statements about art. They are encoded as hexadecimal values which are interpreted as sentences in a simple subset of International Art…Read more ›

REDESIGN ME—線上共同創作和共同設計

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原作 / Maxim Schram http://opendesignnow.org/index.php/case/redesign-me-maxim-schram/線上社群的開放設計在公司間從原本遮遮掩掩產品變成更普遍的事情。舉例來說,荷蘭茶製造商Pickwick使用線上設計和概念社群RedesignMe.com與身為外部設計師、經銷商、消費者的觀眾互動,目標是聚集持股人的投入並引導使用者創新茶產品。他們對於一個將近3500人的社群提出挑戰 : 「創造創新、符合Pickwick的品牌價值之茶概念」。[註 : 現在redesignme.com已改成CMNTY Corporation]閱讀全文 2014-07-23T01:57:00Z dkoooh


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CC0 (公眾領域貢獻宣告)是Creative Commons於2009年時推出的一項工具,他的設計是使創作者得以貢獻他們的作品成為公眾領域的內容,所憑藉的方式即是由權利人(即宣告者)放棄所有的著作權、著作鄰接權及相關的權利,亦即最大範圍的放棄法律所給予的權利。至於若該拋棄因任何理由而無效,則CC0會成為宣告者(使用CC0此一工具者)所為之准許公眾無條件、不可撤回、非專屬以及為人何目的而無償使用的授權。閱讀全文 2014-07-19T01:11:56Z sunlight

Michael Carroll: “Los derechos de autor deben expirar”

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Imagen CC por Cristopher Dombres. Esta semana, Michael Carroll, fundador y miembro del directorio de Creative Commons, habló frente al Subcomité de Tribunales, propiedad Intelectual e Internet de la Cámara de Representantes de Estados Unidos, para argumentar contra una nueva extensión de los plazos de protección de copyright. “Desde una perspectiva económica, promover el progreso […]

Ethereum – This Contract Is Art

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Here is a contract that can assert that it is art. init: contract.storage[1000] = "may be" code: if msg.data[0] == "toggle": if contract.storage[1000] == "is": contract.storage[1000] = "is not" else: contract.storage[1000] = "is" It toggles its status as art when…Read more ›

“Why Open?” course now open for sign-up

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Project 365 #303: 301009 Blink And You’ll Miss It! / Pete / CC BY Another run of School of Open courses is starting up in August, September and October! The first course to kick things off is a second iteration of “Why Open?” “Why Open?” was collaboratively developed and facilitated one year ago in August […]

EU commission to member states: Use Open Definition compliant licenses for your Public Sector Information

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Last week the European Commision published Guidelines on recommended standard licences, datasets and charging for the re-use of documents. These Guidelines are intended to help member states with the implementation of the amended Public Sector Information directive that was adopted last year. With these guidelines the Commission hopes to provide ‘reference material for all institutions […]

“Why Open?” course now open for sign-up

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Project 365 #303: 301009 Blink And You’ll Miss It! / Pete / CC BY

Another run of School of Open courses is starting up in August, September and October! The first course to kick things off is a second iteration of “Why Open?” “Why Open?” was collaboratively developed and facilitated one year ago in August 2013; now the facilitators are back to run it a second time from 10 August to 5 September 2014. What is “Why Open?” From its About page,

Why Open? What does open mean? Does it mean free? Does it mean without restriction? What is the role of the producer? What is the role of the consumer? Why is open important? How does open relate to you and your area of expertise?

In this course, we will discuss and answer these questions. With your help, we will explore the different meanings of open in various contexts as well as its benefits and issues. Participants will use open practices to complete a series of open activities that builds into a final project.

Facilitators include Christina Hendricks (Philosophy lecturer at the University of British Columbia), Simeon Oriko (School of Open Kenya Initiative), Jeanette Lee (English lit and writing teacher), and myself.

Read more about the course over at the School of Open blog.

Sign-up is open now through 10 August; to join, simply click the ‘Start Course’ button on the lower left of the course page.

Why the Open Internet Matters for Creative Commons Users and the Public

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Last week, Creative-Commons U.S.A. submitted a comment to the Federal Communications Commission on Net Neutrality. The full comments, by Michael Carroll and Meredith Jacob, are available here as a PDF. | Excerpt: Creative Commons users in the United States deserve to have the content they create be available over the Internet on the same basis and at the same data rates as content owned or controlled by large commercial interests with the ability to negotiate special terms of Internet access.

Wattpad upgrades to Version 4.0 of CC licenses

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Fiction-writing community Wattpad has upgraded to the Creative Commons Version 4.0 licenses and unveiled several improvements to its CC implementation. As of today, there are 300,000 CC-licensed stories on Wattpad, making this one of the largest adoptions of Version 4.0 to date. From the press release: (72 KB PDF) “The biggest question facing new writers […]

Publieke Consultatie Vertaling 4.0 Licenties

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Eind vorig jaar heeft Creative Commons de nieuwste versie van zijn licenties gelanceerd. Deze licenties zijn het resultaat van een intensieve publieke consultatie die vanaf 2011 liep. Na de lancering van de licenties zijn Creative Commons Nederland en Creative Commons België begonnen deze licenties Linguïstische te vertalen naar het Nederlands. Voordat deze vertalingen officieel erkent […]

Przegląd linków CC #141

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Otwarta edukacja i kultura 1. E-podręcznikom (nie tylko otwartym) poświęcone były dwie ostatnie audycje Człowiek 2.0 w radiu TokFM (do odsłuchania w archiwum). 2. Projekt OER Policy opublikował raport na temat wyłączeń i wyjątków edukacyjnych w prawie autorskim w Europie. Raport aut. Teresy Nobre, prawniczki Creative Commons Portugalia opisuje zróżnicowane problemy i brak kompatybilności między 49 krajami UE w zakresie tego jak prawo […]


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