Referat fra medlemsmøte i oktober

Meeting start: 2019-10-23, 18:00

Meeting end: 2019-10-23, 19:25

Present: Tore, Gisle Hannemyr, Christer Gundersen, Petter Reinholdsen, Salve J. Nilsen


Appoint secretary for the meeting

Meeting secretary: Salve J. Nilsen

Meeting chair: Christer Gundersen

Election of CCGN Representative

Candidates: Gisle Hannemyr and Thomas Gramstad

3 votes to Gisle Hannemyr

0 votes to Thomas Gramstad

2 votes abstaining

Gisle Hannemyr is elected as CCGN Representative

Information about ongoing work on website

  • Moving of old posts to new WordPress-based site is mostly done, only a few posts are remaining.
  • The new site has support for a forum, but not enabled yet.
  • FAQ section has been moved to the new site.
  • Users from the old site have not yet been moved to a new site.

Creative Commons HQ has developed course materials that is part of the CC certificates.

Creative Commons Norway is discussing whether to do a short version of this material in Norwegian. During the was a discussion it was suggested that we might start with user groups that need materials in Norwegian like kids or young

Possible collaboration with ISOC Norway on a workshop or seminar

The topic would be «The open internet and the commons». Christer will draft the first concept note.


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